I Am Going To Leave Reno For Albany Via Amtrak Today

My deciding to stay in Reno was a big mistake.

I just lay around and watch TV, and I no longer see the point of this.

The best move for me at this point is to simply take the train home while I have the money to do so.

My sister Laurie in Albany needs the fiscal support that I can provide, and I am handy around the house too.

I sincerely hope that the American Mafia is understanding and lets me just go home.

I also hope that all of Silicon Valley realizes that “my life is the bellwether in regard to the Mafia’s true intent”.

If the Mafia blocks me from going home or acts against me in any way, they are not interested in Switching Sides when the time is right.

My arrival in Albany is Monday.

If I do not make it home, at least my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team will know what happened to me, such that they may take appropriate action.

Allen Darman with help from some WordPress Heroes, only one of which I know by name

P.S. I have bought my ticket. My train is running about an hour and a half late. I expect to depart Reno at about 5:30 pm today.


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