Silicon Valley Should Fear The Illuminati And Their Depopulation And Control Agenda Far More Than The Mafia

The Mafia, as powerful as they are, are small potatoes compared to the Illuminati as far as the threat that they represent to American Sovereignty and American Freedom.

The Illuminati are behind the New World Order Agenda being foist upon America.

President Kennedy tried to warn us about the Illuminati and those that really control the world in his Secret Societies speech and he was killed for this.

Yes, it is true that one or more of the many hitmen involved in Kennedy’s assassination may have been members of the Mafia. However, it was not the Mafia that initiated this assassination, it was the Illuminati and those wealthy elite that really control the world by whatever name one chooses to call them (the Bilderberg Group, the Council For Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Skull and Bones Society, etc.).

9/11 was another Illuminati planned event. Yes, the Mafia was involved, but they did not plan this event, they were only a relatively minor part of either carrying it out or covering it up.

The Sandy Hook hoax (also called the Sandy Hook Conspiracy) was an Illuminati planned event that was part of an attempt to disarm the American Public by using a pack of lies.

The construction of FEMA Camps all over America is part of an Illuminati plan to take down the U.S. The Mafia is likely to have had no part in FEMA Camp planning or execution at all.

The American Mafia does not want to destroy the U.S. in an attempt to control the entire world. The American Mafia is only paid enforcement for the Illuminati. They can be paid to dump their Illuminati paymasters and Switch Sides in order to allow Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement to topple the Illuminati controlled Federal Government in the U.S., or so I strongly believe.

The Illuminati want to own and control the world. They want to kill off over 90% of the world’s population, and fully control the rest. The Mafia never had such grand plans.

The Illuminati are behind the Federal Reserve, and they have control of the Federal Government in the U.S. Certainly the Mafia is used to control many politicians and Federal Employees, but they are not the real bad guys here.

I have tried many times to see the point of view of the Illuminati, and justify it. Yes, it is true that the world is overpopulated, and that without some sort of population control, all of humanity is placed at risk.

However, it cannot be justifiably or morally right to sneakily make many tens of millions of us sick, especially children, with GMO foods, toxic food additives, processed food, fraudulent medicines, vaccines, antibiotics, fluoride, chemtrails, etc.

After they make so many of us sick and unproductive, they call us useless eaters and plan to exterminate tens of millions of us in the FEMA Camps they built.

A healthy person is a productive person far more often than not. Why not make us all healthy and productive instead of all sick?

The problems in this world are many and complex.

Who is going to solve all of these problems?

Is it going to be the Illuminati and their paid enforcement (the Mafia and the Federal Government), or is Silicon Valley going to rise to the occasion, wisely negotiate with the Mafia to Switch Sides, and then fight back?

In my humble opinion, the world’s many complex problems would best be solved by the Smartest People in the World Collaborating With Each Other Via The Power Of A Free And Open Internet.

Inaction by Silicon Valley in regard to helping the Patriot Movement and helping to Wake America Up essentially means “the Illuminati will win”.

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has proposed the best action for Silicon Valley to take. This is to put on a Truth Suppression Ending Internet Woodstock Concert Event, and do so Worldwide. Ideally this event should be put on with both the collaboration of and protection from the American and Russian Mafia.

The American and Russian Mafia need to do their part, and lift the veil of fear that exists towards them by letting Google and the rest of Silicon Valley know that they will not take any adverse action towards the people that sponsor an Internet Woodstock Event, as long as it is understood that they will be fairly negotiated with (and fairly fiscally compensated on an ongoing basis) if such an event is allowed to occur.

The Illuminati was wise enough to know that “You cannot cut the Mafia out of the deal”, and therefore they became partners with them. The Illuminati knew that opposing the Mafia meant death.

Will Silicon Valley and the American and Russian Public be equally wise in regard to the American and Russian Mafia?

I sure as hell hope so, for if not either the Illuminati will win or something equally disastrous such as WWIII will occur.

The future of America, Russia and all of humanity at stake.

Due to the Illuminati’s plan to collapse the value of the dollar and create economic and social turmoil including mass starvation both in America and Worldwide, time is running out.

Allen D

With Deeply Appreciated Help from a WordPress Expert named Mark J—>

With Deeply Appreciated Help from the Management of Companies such as GoogleFacebook, and probably Twitter, deeply appreciated help from the People Underlying WordPress, and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPress Warriors for the Truth! (These latter two may be one and the same. I have only a few clues.)

P.S. I did not suffer through any directed energy weapon attacks yesterday. Shortly after completing the bulk of the copy above, a directed energy weapon attack against me began. I circumvented this attack within about 20 minutes by moving around (one has to be stationary for the particular energy weapon being used against me to work, it seems). My guess is that this is a Federal weapon under Illuminati control (the Illuminati controls our Federal Government whether you realize this or not). I may be wrong in one or more of these assumptions. However, I am not wrong in the broad assumption that it is either the Mafia, the Illuminati or the Feds that are pointing such a weapon at me, for it is only these three parties that have and/or control such weaponry in the U.S., to the best of my knowledge.

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One thought on “Silicon Valley Should Fear The Illuminati And Their Depopulation And Control Agenda Far More Than The Mafia

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    Despite the facts that the American Mafia has tried to kill me many times since January 2010 and if I die any time in the next few months or the next few years it is most likely that the Mafia will have killed me no matter how things appear, they are not the worst enemy America faces by far, the Illuminati is. The Mafia are only paid enforcers for the Illuminati. Silicon Valley needs to realize this.

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