If The Company Underlying WordPress Called Automattic Is Not A Member Of The Silicon Valley Think Tank This Omission Should Be Immediately Rectified

As a Result of a full page ad taken out in the New York Times in December (9? 13?) 2013, I am aware that there is at least some degree of cooperation between eight companies in Silicon Valley. 

These eight companies are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo and Apple.

The full page ad taken out by the above eight companies was an Open Letter addressed to the U.S. Federal Government appealing to it to Reform Its Surveillance Policies, especially in regard to Internet Surveillance of All Internet Correspondence, Internet Activity and Internet Traffic by the NSA (as the American Hero named Edward Snowden revealed to us).

At the bottom of this full page ad was “a logo design” of the abovementioned eight companies.

A full page ad in the New York Times is a rather expensive proposition. At some point in the past decade on the Internet material that I read stated that such had cost a particular person’s organization $250,000.

Let us assume that the Eight Silicon Valley Companies named paid a similar amount, and split this cost equally between them.

A Quarter of a Million Dollars split eight ways is a little over $31,000 apiece.

To opt to spend $31K on a full page ad in the New York Times is AN EXECUTIVE DECISION. IT IS A DECISION THAT WAS MADE EITHER BY THE CEO under the latitude given him or her, or it was a decision by the CEO with the Approval of the Corporate Board of Directors of the company in question.

More soon.


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