When I Get Picture I.D. Some Silicon Valley Company Should Provide Me With Safe Transport To A Place And Work Face To Face With Me (1-26-2016)


Hopefully, when this happens -> it won’t already be too late.

America is on the cusp of disaster in one form or another.

How can Silicon Valley sit by and watch this happen without taking action?

Action helping me is one action that must be taken for America to have a chance.

The FEMA camps were not built for nothing.

The 2.2 Billion bullets bought for domestic use were not bought for nothing either.

And the 30,000 guillotines in Federal Government possession were not bought without a reason either.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall -> and America is about to fall hard, one way or the other.

No Federal Government can create so much war and hate in the world, and not have this fall back on them.

The criminals in Washington, D.C. need to be immediately replaced, and an Internet Based Government utilizing the Best Minds in America needs to be implemented ASAP.

Why hasn’t anyone already come to Albany, NY to work with me and develop some video, video that would morally topple the U.S. Government?

In your fear and inaction, you are going to regret the consequences.

Only bravery and action is going to win this fight.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Apple, Microsoft and LinkedIn are all aware of the plight of Automattic and I.

They will support us.

IMHO, Automattic needs to act to help me in multiple ways.

I cannot tell my story to the world alone.

It is so incredible, either no one believes me or those few that do believe me will not touch my story because they think that it is too dangerous.

The bottom line -> for my life as an Alternative Medical Discoverer and my epic battle with the American Mafia since January 2010 to make a real difference -> I need some substantial Silicon Valley face to face collaboration and Automattic’s full and unqualified support.

Allen Darman


Silicon Valley Can Light Up A Justifiable Revolution In America In Utica & Albany NY For About $2,000,000 Bucks (1-23-2016)


These are the numbers so far ->

$450,000 donated to C.A.P.S. in Albany, NY

$150,000 donated to the Central New York Vet Center (in the old YMCA building) in Utica, NY

$349,000 for a 56′ or 57′ Carver Boat

$75,000 fuel, dockage and upkeep for the Carver Boat

$469,000 House in New Hartford, NY

$119,000 2 Family House in Utica, NY

$20,000 in furnishings, etc. for the two houses.

$60,000 for 2 2016 Kia Sorento’s

$6,000 for 2 Linhai 300 Chinese Scooters

$20,000 for 2 BMW G 650 GS Motorcycles set up with steel saddle bags and a steel trunk.

The Above totals $1,718,000.

The rest of the $2,000,000 -> $282,000 -> goes for Operating Capital and Nutritional and Natural Supplements.

I could Change the World for 2 million bucks.

That’s a fact.

This WordPress Blog was Prepared by -> Allen Darman aka theSBOSS.comAllenADOGG, ADOGGinNYC (read from July 4th, 2016 onward date-wise -> from back to front, in other words)ADOGGNutrientsCureAllen D, SmokemasterAllenDMate (read from January 13th, 2016 onward date-wise -> from back to front, in other words) and ->his WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Internet Team!



ADOGGSEZ “I Do Not Understand Why Google And Other Silicon Valley Companies Will Not Come Up 2 Me And Talk, Especially In Light Of The American And Russian Mafia’s Allowing Me 2 Remain Alive Means That They Are Willing 2 Negotiate A Mutually Beneficial Deal”

I was in NYC for almost four weeks this time -> from July 4th onward.

I was wandering around and sleeping out on the streets the entire time, with one exception -> three days in a hotel with a homeless woman that put me up.

If either the American or Russian Mafia wanted me dead, I was wide open to being whacked a good part of the time for close to a month.

Yet, I am still alive and well.

What does this mean?

To me it means a great deal.

As a heavily Suppressed Alternative Medical Discoverer, I also happened to have lived long enough to have accumulated a body of knowledge in regard to Federal Government Suppression of Truth and U.S. Government Suppression of Truth that would topple both the U.S. Government and many other federal governments worldwide.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Yahoo and other major Silicon Valley Companies are Aware of the Above.

As far as the Truth Goes, I am the #1 Domestic Terrorist.

A major portion of the management of Silicon Valley knows this, or at least they should.

A major portion of the management of Silicon Valley also knows of my four year and five month battle with the American Mafia, one that Thankfully Ended in May 2014, it seems.

As I have proposed in numerous WordPress Blogs on numerous WordPress Websites for quite some time -> It would be wise for Silicon Valley and the American and Russian Mafia to Make a Mutually Beneficial Deal, one that clearly Helps the People and also -> Gains Full and Effective Control Over Numerous *Suppression Causing Individuals and Corporations* and their “Paid Stooge” Federal Government which Rules Us Now.

Our corrupt Federal Government is burdening America with a 3rd world future, or even worse.

This needs to stop.

A Justifiable Revolution is a Must.

Silicon Valley needs to Realize that a Mutually Beneficial Alliance with the American and Russian Mafia and the American and Russian People is the Best Course of Action, and then Take Appropriate Action.

Otherwise -> we all must accept the consequences of inaction “while clearly being plotted against” -> a plot that is obviously going to be carried out against the American Public in the foreseeable future.

It should Not Be “Business As Usual” in Silicon Valley, or anywhere else in America at this moment in history as well.

We are in a national, if not worldwide, emergency.

Surely Power and Brains can Rule America Better Than It Is Being Ruled Now.

A Silicon Valley Collaborative Effort and the American and Russian Mafia adequately represent “Power and Brains” as far as taking over and running the Federal Government in America goes -> especially after public awareness and support is raised.

A Silicon Valley Collaborative Effort should offer a Referendum such as the below to the American Public ->

As a provider of Internet Services, we have become Aware of Pervasive and Longstanding Federal Government Suppression of the Truth in Order 2 Favor Their Corporate Donors.

This Suppression of Truth is -> at the Expense of the Public.

Instead of Ruling In Favor of the People, the U.S. Government is Ruling In Favor of various Industries, Corporations and Wealthy Elite People -> because almost the entire Federal Government has *Sold Out*.

Copy needs to be added here -> this blog is under construction.

We can fix all of the Suppression of Truth in Regard to Everything (this will be spelled out later), but we need the American and Russian Mafia’s Help -> and then Promote the Fact that the Best Course of Action is that a Mutually Beneficial Deal should be made.

I’d bet dollars to donuts the American Public would Overwhelmingly Support a Mutually Beneficial Deal Being Made between Silicon Valley and the American and Russian Mafia in Order 2 Take Over The Federal Government in America so as to end U.S. Government Suppression of Truth.

Such a Mutually Beneficial Deal would save this country so much health and so much money, it’s not funny.

America needs to be turned around.

If treated properly, respectfully and in a Mutually Beneficial Manner -> the American and Russian Mafia are willing to help turn America around (my remaining alive strongly infers this).

Silicon Valley needs to Start Meeting and Talking About the Contents of this blog -> And It Needs 2 Develop A Willingness 2 Talk 2 Me and the American and Russian Mafia.

We are running out of time before some sort of Agenda 21 planned disaster strikes us all.

Is Silicon Valley going to jointly act to end the Federal Government Suppression of Truth, or ->

Is Silicon Valley going to drag it’s feet to the point that Federal Government Censorship makes it too late?


I Wish To Deeply Thank All Of My Silicon Valley Friends

It has been some time since I wrote a blog expressing my deep appreciation for all those persons in Silicon Valley (and Seattle and perhaps other places too) that have helped me in some way and/or believe in the great importance of what I have to say.

I thought that now would be a good time to Remember All Of You!

These are very difficult times we live in for sure, and they are going to become far more difficult as time goes on.

It is my sincere belief that Silicon Valley Will Do The Right Thing Some Day–> Which Is To Use Its Power to Try To Save America and the World when the time is right.

As long as I remain alive and do not feel threatened, I am going to continue to advocate for a Mutually Beneficial Alliance between Silicon Valley, the American and Russian Mafia, and the General Public of both countries too.

Such an Alliance is the Best Practical Answer for both America and Russia, and the World as well.

It concerns me that the U.S. and Russia seem to be at odds with each other at present, and the possibility of war between our two countries is being talked about.

Is this potential conflict between our two countries being manipulated and/or engineered by the Illuminati or the wealthy elite?


Who would win if we went to war with each other?

The only answer that I can think of is “No One”.

Regardless of what happens in the future, or what Silicon Valley may or may not do, I don’t want to lose track of why I wrote this blog, which is–>

I cannot thank all of those Silicon Valley persons that have helped me and/or “heard me” enough.

I owe you all my very life.

Allen Darman with help from a Smart and Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

I Am Going To Leave Reno For Albany Via Amtrak Today

My deciding to stay in Reno was a big mistake.

I just lay around and watch TV, and I no longer see the point of this.

The best move for me at this point is to simply take the train home while I have the money to do so.

My sister Laurie in Albany needs the fiscal support that I can provide, and I am handy around the house too.

I sincerely hope that the American Mafia is understanding and lets me just go home.

I also hope that all of Silicon Valley realizes that “my life is the bellwether in regard to the Mafia’s true intent”.

If the Mafia blocks me from going home or acts against me in any way, they are not interested in Switching Sides when the time is right.

My arrival in Albany is Monday.

If I do not make it home, at least my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team will know what happened to me, such that they may take appropriate action.

Allen Darman with help from some WordPress Heroes, only one of which I know by name

P.S. I have bought my ticket. My train is running about an hour and a half late. I expect to depart Reno at about 5:30 pm today.

Silicon Valley Should Fear The Illuminati And Their Depopulation And Control Agenda Far More Than The Mafia

The Mafia, as powerful as they are, are small potatoes compared to the Illuminati as far as the threat that they represent to American Sovereignty and American Freedom.

The Illuminati are behind the New World Order Agenda being foist upon America.

President Kennedy tried to warn us about the Illuminati and those that really control the world in his Secret Societies speech and he was killed for this.

Yes, it is true that one or more of the many hitmen involved in Kennedy’s assassination may have been members of the Mafia. However, it was not the Mafia that initiated this assassination, it was the Illuminati and those wealthy elite that really control the world by whatever name one chooses to call them (the Bilderberg Group, the Council For Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Skull and Bones Society, etc.).

9/11 was another Illuminati planned event. Yes, the Mafia was involved, but they did not plan this event, they were only a relatively minor part of either carrying it out or covering it up.

The Sandy Hook hoax (also called the Sandy Hook Conspiracy) was an Illuminati planned event that was part of an attempt to disarm the American Public by using a pack of lies.

The construction of FEMA Camps all over America is part of an Illuminati plan to take down the U.S. The Mafia is likely to have had no part in FEMA Camp planning or execution at all.

The American Mafia does not want to destroy the U.S. in an attempt to control the entire world. The American Mafia is only paid enforcement for the Illuminati. They can be paid to dump their Illuminati paymasters and Switch Sides in order to allow Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement to topple the Illuminati controlled Federal Government in the U.S., or so I strongly believe.

The Illuminati want to own and control the world. They want to kill off over 90% of the world’s population, and fully control the rest. The Mafia never had such grand plans.

The Illuminati are behind the Federal Reserve, and they have control of the Federal Government in the U.S. Certainly the Mafia is used to control many politicians and Federal Employees, but they are not the real bad guys here.

I have tried many times to see the point of view of the Illuminati, and justify it. Yes, it is true that the world is overpopulated, and that without some sort of population control, all of humanity is placed at risk.

However, it cannot be justifiably or morally right to sneakily make many tens of millions of us sick, especially children, with GMO foods, toxic food additives, processed food, fraudulent medicines, vaccines, antibiotics, fluoride, chemtrails, etc.

After they make so many of us sick and unproductive, they call us useless eaters and plan to exterminate tens of millions of us in the FEMA Camps they built.

A healthy person is a productive person far more often than not. Why not make us all healthy and productive instead of all sick?

The problems in this world are many and complex.

Who is going to solve all of these problems?

Is it going to be the Illuminati and their paid enforcement (the Mafia and the Federal Government), or is Silicon Valley going to rise to the occasion, wisely negotiate with the Mafia to Switch Sides, and then fight back?

In my humble opinion, the world’s many complex problems would best be solved by the Smartest People in the World Collaborating With Each Other Via The Power Of A Free And Open Internet.

Inaction by Silicon Valley in regard to helping the Patriot Movement and helping to Wake America Up essentially means “the Illuminati will win”.

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has proposed the best action for Silicon Valley to take. This is to put on a Truth Suppression Ending Internet Woodstock Concert Event, and do so Worldwide. Ideally this event should be put on with both the collaboration of and protection from the American and Russian Mafia.

The American and Russian Mafia need to do their part, and lift the veil of fear that exists towards them by letting Google and the rest of Silicon Valley know that they will not take any adverse action towards the people that sponsor an Internet Woodstock Event, as long as it is understood that they will be fairly negotiated with (and fairly fiscally compensated on an ongoing basis) if such an event is allowed to occur.

The Illuminati was wise enough to know that “You cannot cut the Mafia out of the deal”, and therefore they became partners with them. The Illuminati knew that opposing the Mafia meant death.

Will Silicon Valley and the American and Russian Public be equally wise in regard to the American and Russian Mafia?

I sure as hell hope so, for if not either the Illuminati will win or something equally disastrous such as WWIII will occur.

The future of America, Russia and all of humanity at stake.

Due to the Illuminati’s plan to collapse the value of the dollar and create economic and social turmoil including mass starvation both in America and Worldwide, time is running out.

Allen D

With Deeply Appreciated Help from a WordPress Expert named Mark J—>

With Deeply Appreciated Help from the Management of Companies such as GoogleFacebook, and probably Twitter, deeply appreciated help from the People Underlying WordPress, and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPress Warriors for the Truth! (These latter two may be one and the same. I have only a few clues.)

P.S. I did not suffer through any directed energy weapon attacks yesterday. Shortly after completing the bulk of the copy above, a directed energy weapon attack against me began. I circumvented this attack within about 20 minutes by moving around (one has to be stationary for the particular energy weapon being used against me to work, it seems). My guess is that this is a Federal weapon under Illuminati control (the Illuminati controls our Federal Government whether you realize this or not). I may be wrong in one or more of these assumptions. However, I am not wrong in the broad assumption that it is either the Mafia, the Illuminati or the Feds that are pointing such a weapon at me, for it is only these three parties that have and/or control such weaponry in the U.S., to the best of my knowledge.

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